In 2000, Joel Smith is a cocky, adventurous young man who sees the world as his playground. But when the college senior, days from graduation, enters an abandoned Montana mine, he discovers the price of reckless curiosity. He emerges in May 1941 with a cell phone he can’t use, money he can’t spend, and little but his wits to guide his way. Stuck in the age of Whirlaway, swing dancing, and a peacetime draft, Joel begins a new life as the nation drifts toward war. With the help of his 21-year-old trailblazing grandmother and her friends, he finds his place in a world he knew only from movies and books. But when an opportunity comes to return to the present, Joel must decide whether to leave his new love in the past or choose a course that will alter their lives forever. THE MINE follows a humbled man through a critical time in history as he adjusts to new surroundings and wrestles with the knowledge of things to come.

Review by Shae:

I must tell you this book is hard for me to review. I am torn.  It was a hard read at first. I had to push myself to get through the first half of the book. I am glad I did. The book has a great story, but you have to weed through the first half of the history and detail. It took me forever to read due to not being drawn in until the last half. If you will just hold on, the story is worth it.

This story is of a young man who travels back in time and makes a life for himself in 1941. He meets up with a person from his present that is most intriguing. He forges new friendships that leave him questioning whether to return when given the opportunity. He falls in love in 1941. After his decision is made, you fallow him with the struggles of his decision. Did he make the right one? The ending was amazing. 

Rated 3 Stars




The Wreck is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller!

Carly Holbrook and Brian Westbury are weeks away from their high school graduation. The young couple plans to marry before they head to college, and their future seems bright with promise. Everything changes one spring night when their six closest friends, including Brian’s younger brother, are killed in a fiery car accident that Carly and Brian witness. The trauma leaves Carly unable to speak, and Brian is forced to make unimaginable decisions about a future that once seemed so certain. With Carly incapable of going forward with their plans, Brian leaves home–and Carly–for good. Fifteen years later, disturbing new clues indicate the accident that wrecked so many lives wasn’t an accident at all, bringing Brian home to face a past–and a love–he’s never forgotten.


Amazing! Just simply amazing! Marie Force is simply phenomenal!  I became a fan after reading her Fatal Series, then McCarthy series. I learned she had stand-alone books. “The Wreck” is a stand-alone. Force knows how to bring on the emotional rollercoaster. She allows her readers to experience all the joys, struggles, sadness, anger, etc. that her characters do. Her books are a must add to your libraries.

The wreck in the beginning of this book is heart wrenching and tragic for all who are affected. It alters lives in a way that are unbelievably common.  Force takes us along the road of the strength found in “first love.”  My heart was ripped out of my chest twice during the reading of the “The Wreck.” I was quite thankful that my kindle pages couldn’t get soaked from my tears.  Brian and Carly try to pick up what is left of their lives after the wreck. With the loss of Brian’s brother and their best friends, Brian succeeds much better than Carly or so we think.  There is mystery in the air after 15 years passes. Was it an accident or was the wreck the cause of a deliberate action of another?  Will Brian and Carly’s love survive?

Rated 5 Stars




Britt Anderson went along with everything the doctors said for nearly four years, but she was still dying at eighteen. The cancer had won leaving her without a future, without any options, and without control. No control, except for how she would leave this world. As Britt tries to end her life by going into the frigid waters she realizes her mistake. She struggles to get back to shore, to cry out for help, but her atrophied muscles are useless and the frigid water steals the breath from her chemo-scarred lungs. Despite her father’s attempts to reach her, she flies over the waterfall.

When Allister Parks finds Britt’s fragile body on the riverbank something calls out to him. Ignoring the warnings of his sister, Allister brings Britt back from the edge of death. The only problem is that an Eternal like Allister isn’t allowed to touch those who have already passed from this world. It is forbidden; an infraction punishable by death.

As Britt relishes her new cancer-free life and senior year of high school, her very existence threatens Allister’s place in this world. Allister struggles to keep Britt a secret from the Eternal Council and out of the hands of the only Eternal who already knows the truth: the one who stole her guardian angel.


This book caught my attention right away. I am sure we all know someone who has suffered with cancer. One of my closest friends is battling today. I wasn’t sure where this book would go and how would Yelle get us there. From the very beginning, we are introduced to the trials of life and decisions that we have the power to make. My first thought was this book will be about cancer but it was more about life. Britt is a strong young girl who faces challenges in her life and after given another chance, pushes through with determination even in her confusion about what is happening. Allister, the Eternal, is smitten with Britt.  There is something about her that attracts many of the characters to her — Eternals and Angels alike. 

Yelle delivers a paranormal twist with Angels and Eternals that was very intriguing and mysterious. I loved the characters and the depths of each that brought so much power to this book. Yelle takes you along a journey of emotions.  The suspense along with the mystery is amazing. I took something away with this reading, No matter what the situation is, keep pushing and never give up. Fight till there is no fight left and to be strong in the face of adversity.  

Rated 4 Stars




The highly anticipated sequel to Close Liaisons . . .

In Lenkarda – the main Krinar colony on Earth – Mia is completely at Korum’s mercy. With no way to leave and no idea how to operate even the most basic Krinar technology, she has no choice but to trust the K who brought her there – the lover whom she had betrayed.

Will he keep his promise to bring her home, or is she destined to be his prisoner forever? Can a human become a part of Krinar society? Does Korum love her, or does he only wish to possess her?

Read on to find out . . .

WARNING: This book contains strong sexual content and explicit language and is not suitable for readers under 18.


HOLY SMOKES!!! This book is amazing! Anna Zaires is an exceptional at writing paranormal romance with a twist of mystery. I so enjoyed reading this sequel. As much as I loved “Close Liaisons,” this one was better. I fell in love with Korum!!! E.T. or not, I would love for him to be my mine. His character really comes out and you see the depth of him emotionally in this book. New drama surfaces and new characters. I love the air of mystery that evolves in the very beginning. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Mia learns of the savage ways of the Krinar and has to make a decision as to whether she can truly love Korum knowing their ways. She is forced to face her feelings even though she has no idea how Korum feels about her. Is she simply his “sex slave” or does he love her? The sexual chemistry between Mia and Korum will make your toes curl!

Anna Zaires has made me a huge fan. You can’t go wrong purchasing her books. This series is a must add to your libraries. I am patiently waiting and hoping for Volume 3.

Rated 5 Stars




A dark and edgy romance that will appeal to fans of erotic and turbulent relationships . . .

In the near future, the Krinar rule the Earth. An advanced race from another galaxy, they are still a mystery to us – and we are completely at their mercy.

Shy and innocent, Mia Stalis is a college student in New York City who has led a very normal life. Like most people, she’s never had any interactions with the invaders – until one fateful day in the park changes everything. Having caught Korum’s eye, she must now contend with a powerful, dangerously seductive Krinar who wants to possess her and will stop at nothing to make her his own.

How far would you go to regain your freedom? How much would you sacrifice to help your people? What choice will you make when you begin to fall for your enemy?

WARNING: This book contains strong sexual content and explicit language and is not suitable for readers under 18.


WOW!!! OH WOW!!! I could not put this book down!!! Anna Zaires will definitely be one of my new favorite authors that I will watch for new books on. “Close Liaisons” was amazing. I will admit that I wasn’t sure about “aliens” and humans but WOW! Korum is super sexy and attentive. Yes, bossy, egotistical, domineering male but definitely swoon worthy. Mia is a meek, naive, young girl who falls into the “spider’s web.” The sex scenes will leave you panting. I caught myself holding my breath as I read thinking DAMN!! Where can I find me a Korum! Can you imagine having to decide whether to betray or stand beside the man you have a love/hate relationship with? I felt myself shifting back and forth trying to decide for Mia. This book has it all! It pulls you right in from the very beginning.

“Close Liaisons” also had its own air of mystery and deception added with romance which makes for an amazing book. Zaires also leaves you wanting more of Korum and Mia’s story. I had to download the second book immediately. You must add this to your TBR list. You will not be disappointed if you are looking for a great PA romance novel.

Rated 5 Stars




New Year. New World. New Species.
In the depths of the bayous lives a secret race of puma shifters. The creation of a powerful magic, they have lived in peace until the threat of extinction drives them to seek the world beyond their homelands. Now the Pantera must discover the answer to their dying magic and halt an ancient enemy before it can destroy them all.

The brilliant and dangerous diplomat of the Pantera shapeshifters, Raphael has devoted his life to discovering the key to the infertility that is threatening the extinction of his puma race. Creating a vast network of spies worldwide, he never expected to discover that the answer might be beneath his very nose. But when Ashe, a beautiful human female, crosses his path, his most primitive instincts are stirred. Unable to resist, he takes her to his bed, and is shocked when she becomes pregnant with his child. It’s a miracle that might prove to be the salvation of his people, but only if he can keep her safe from the mercenaries determined to kill her.

Untamed and undeniably sexy, Parish, leader of the Pantera hunters, rarely leaves the magic of the Wildlands to deal with the humans he despises. But with the prized and risky Pantera birth on the way, puma shifter, Parish must travel to New Orleans to find and bring back a human doctor. The moment he sees the lovely, talented and all too human Dr. Julia Cabot he cannot resist the wild, potent drive to make her his. Betrayed and destroyed by love, Julia will not let her heart choose her path again. But as she and Parish fight to save the life of an unborn child, a fierce and overwhelming bond develops between them, threatening her frozen heart with the secret hope and ultimate temptation of love and family.


This was a great book! Wow. My only complaint is that it just wasn’t long enough. I would have loved to see more of each character. This contains two books which makes each book short. However, with that said, there are plenty of details in each – Enough to make you swoon over Raphael and Parish. This was my first “cat-shifter” oh please forgive me, “puma-shifter” book and I must say it was intriguing. I loved the men! They are protective, honorable and sexy as hell.  I fell in love with Parish! The sex scenes are phenomenal and emotional. They left me feeling OH EM GEE BREATHLESS!! Mark me please!

There is great intrigue in this book. It has my mind racing and wondering how things are going to turn out and why things are the way they are. Bayou Heat has a cliffhanger ending and has me waiting until April 15 when the next two stories come out.  Each story continues on with the characters from the first ones so you don’t lose track of the mystery.

Rated 4 Stars




He leans down, lips parted, and then our lips connect…We didn’t know that this one kiss has FOREVER changed the Land of the Fae.

According to the Prophecy proclaimed many years ago, Princess Calista of the Summer Court is destined to change the Land of the Fae from the evil determined to destroy it. Her powers are phenomenal, and she secretly trains for battle with her handsome warrior friend, Merrick, who unbeknownst to her protects her heart as well, in hopes of keeping it for himself. At least, until the seductive Prince Ryder attends the Guardian Ceremony and instantly sends a fire burning through her veins and a connection so deep they both discover a love above anything imaginable.
No one knows how Calista is destined to change the kingdoms, but there is one that does. He not only craves Calista’s power, but her body as well, and his goal is to steal her power, make her his Dark Queen, and take over the Land of the Fae.
Will the evil succeed in claiming Calista’s soul? Or will the two men that fight for her heart save her from despair, and help her fulfill her destiny to become what she was meant to be.


This was my first book about the “Fae.” I must say I was quite impressed. I love how L.P. Dover allows us to see into each character by “hearing” their points of view from within their own chapters.  It allows you to develop a love for each character by understanding their full emotions.

How would you feel if your destiny was something other than what you wanted? How would you know whether what you were feeling was real or just part of “fate’s” plan? Would you go against your destiny to find the love you desire?

This book has a great story line along with the romance, friendships, and betrayals that we all love. If you love the paranormal books, you will love this book. It is a series and I am dying to read the next book.

Rated 4 Stars




L.P. Dover lives in the beautiful state of North Carolina with her husband and two wonderful daughters. She’s an avid reader that loves her collection of books. Writing has always been her passion and she’s delighted to share it with the world. L.P. Dover spent several years in college starting out with a major in Psychology and then switching to dental. She worked in the dental field for eight years and then decided to stay home with her two beautiful girls. She spent the beginning of her reading years indulging in suspense thrillers, but now she can’t get away from the paranormal/fantasy books. Now that she has started on her passion and began writing, you will not see her go anywhere without a notebook, pen, and her secret energy builder….chocolate.


Author Links: 

Facebook Author Page:!/pages/LP-Dover/318455714919114


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I reach down to touch the ground and draw upon the magic of the earth.  I can feel the roots travelling in the soil.  I close my eyes to concentrate and direct the roots of the nearby trees to where I want them to go.  I envision them wrapping around both Ryder’s and Merrick’s legs and pulling them to the ground.  A few seconds later, the roots shoot up from the ground and wrap around both guys.  They shout expletive words and land flat on their backs.  Both of them are breathing hard and bleeding from different areas of their bodies.  I give them a second to cool off and am thankful they are too far away from each other to reach. 

I walk slowly to stand in between them while they are still lying on the ground.  They look up at me and I look at each one of them back and forth.  I shake my head and make the roots tighten on their legs.  They will soon understand how pissed off I am.

I look at them in the face and scream, “I can’t believe you two are doing this.  You didn’t give me any time to explain to either of you what is going on.”  I look at Ryder and say,   “Ryder, I have never given you a reason to doubt me.  Yes, you may have caught us in an odd position, but it was totally innocent and nothing happened.  Nothing was going to happen either.  You obviously don’t have any trust in me and it breaks my heart.  Last night meant more to me than anything in this world.”

Ryder opens his mouth to speak, but I cut him off.

“I don’t want to hear another word come out of your mouth.  I am done talking to you right now.”

 I am so angry.  I can’t see clearly because the tears are welling up and I don’t want them fall, but they fall anyway.  I thought I could hold them in and not show weakness, but it breaks my heart that the man I love doesn’t trust me, and the man that loves me I don’t love back.  This is one messed up love triangle.

I take a second to catch my breath and then I look over at Merrick and say, “Merrick, you are my best friend and I do love you, but not in that way.  The changes that have happened are because of the prophecy.  Apparently, Ryder and I are going to bring about the changes in the kingdoms. Or at least we were.” 

I narrow my eyes at Ryder and then turn back to Merrick and say softly, “He’s my destiny.”

The hurt and longing in his face is too much, but Merrick turns his head away from me first.  That’s what does me in.  There comes a breaking point and I think I just hit mine.  I put my head in my hands and I fall to my knees.  I cry for what feels like an eternity. 

Ryder speaks up.

“Calista, don’t cry,” he says.

I am so pissed at him right now and the last thing I want is for him to console me.

Agitated, I yell, “Shut the hell up and don’t say another word to me right now or I’m going to make these roots really latch on and take your legs off.”

Hurt and understanding passes across his face and I think he realizes how childish he’s been because he actually nods and keeps his mouth shut.  I feel so lost and I have no clue what to do.  Merrick is still not looking at me. I speak silently so only he can hear.

 “I’m so sorry, Merrick.  I wanted to love you, but I can’t.  I’m falling in love with Ryder and I don’t think that will ever change.  Except at this moment I could beg to differ, but the fates of our land depend on him and me.”

“You just met him.  How can you say you love him?  You’ve known me your whole life, and look what he’s done today.  He doesn’t even trust you,” Merrick says to me in his head.

I nod.

“That may be true, but I have to believe there was a good reason for his doubt.  It couldn’t have looked good with you on top of me.  You have to admit that.”

“I agree, but I don’t think I can sit around and watch you and him be together.  I can’t do it, Calista.”

“What are you saying, Merrick?” I ask nervously.

Ryder clears his throat to get our attention. 

“You know, the whole mind to mind mumbo shit is getting annoying.  It would be nice to know what you both are saying.” He sounds very jealous and spiteful.  Merrick and I both turn to scowl at him.

Merrick then speaks aloud.

“What I’m saying, Calista, is that you have to choose.  Prophecy or not, I can’t help the way I feel about you and I can’t sit around and watch you two have a happily ever after.  I want you to choose which one of us you want in your life.”

Ryder turns his head sharply to Merrick and yells, “How can you make her decide   that?  Do you not realize how selfish that makes you?” He turns his head and shakes it.  “You’re unbelievable. I can’t believe you would actually make her choose between her best friend and the man she loves.  What kind of best friend are you?”

I am so sick of their bantering back and forth so I let out a disgruntled sigh and loudly yell, “Enough!  I’m done dealing with you two asshats.  Do me a favor and leave me alone…both of you.”  I look at both of them and say, “I’ll release the vines in a little bit.  Maybe that way you two can wallow in your own stupidity for a while.”

I huff and turn to walk away when they both yell for me to stop.  I turn back around and raise my eyebrows, prompting them to continue speaking.  Nothing they say is going to make me release them.

Merrick pleads, “You need to let me come with you.  I am your guardian and I have sworn to protect you with my life.  I have to be with you.”

I laugh.

“Oh Merrick, I will be perfectly fine on my own.  I can take care of myself and you should know that.  Once you both get your heads out of your ass I might consider talking to you.”  I look at them and the looks on both of their faces are a mixture of embarrassment, anger and love.  They both mean so much to me and I hate I have to do this.

I look at Merrick one last time, “Goodbye, Merrick.”  Then I turn to the man I have fallen in love with and I can feel a hot tear grazing down my cheek. 

My voice breaks as I say, “Goodbye, Ryder.  I hope you enjoy your journey home to the Winter Court.”

I turn my back on them and run down the path back to the house.  All I hear as I continue on my way is the echoing of Ryder yelling my name and the breaking of my heart.

I can’t believe Merrick would ask me to choose between them.  I refuse to do that so I’ll just let them decide who stays and who goes.  If they both love me like they say they do, they won’t make me choose.  They need to act like grown men and act rationally.  The solution is simple. If I am going to be with Ryder, Merrick has to learn to live with it, and Ryder needs to learn to live with the fact that Merrick is my guardian and will always be with me.  My solution would also be to tell them both to get the hell over it.

I can’t hear them yelling anymore so I take my time heading back to the house.  Spending time alone is definitely a treat because I don’t usually have much time to myself these days.  I see the lake just ahead and the wonderful willow tree where my life had started to change.  I felt so alive yesterday and now all I feel is loss and heartache.  I walk toward the tree and hear a rustling sound off to the side.  I look around and don’t see anything moving.

“Styx, is that you?” I call out.  “Come here, boy, it’s just me.”

I look around, but he’s not there.  I wonder what was making the noise.  Merrick and Ryder couldn’t have gotten out of the vines yet because I haven’t released them.  I shrug my shoulders and chide myself for being paranoid.  It must have been the wind.   As soon as that thought crosses my mind I double over in pain.  I can feel the blood oozing down the back of my neck and the world is spinning, making me nauseated.  The blood is hot and sticky as I reach to touch the back of my skull.  The pain is tremendous, so whoever or whatever hit me wanted to incapacitate me.  I’m beginning to think it’s going to work.  I can feel my mind slipping from consciousness.  I look around and there is no one out here that could have hit me.  I sink to my knees while my vision fades.  The last thing I hear before darkness takes over is the sound of a man laughing.  This can’t be good.  I recognize the evil laugh and he is definitely not a friend of mine. The world fades into blackness and then…Silence.

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BLOG TOUR STOP AND GIVEAWAY By Shae! The Viscount’s Pleasue House By Suzi Love (@TastyBookTours, @Crimson_Romance, @suzilove)

Book Blurb:

Lady Chrissie Wellsby and her two country friends research dozens of rogues before selecting the notorious Viscount Hawkesbury, owner of London’s most exclusive and expensive brothel, to educate them in erotic seduction. The ladies abandon respectability and coerce Justin Tremayne into letting them visit The Pleasure House and to teaching them the sensual tricks mistresses and prostitutes use to entertain men.Though Justin believes three naive ladies will see the debauched romps in his themed rooms, cover their eyes and ears, and run back to their sheltered lives, he underestimates the desperation of abandoned women who imagine a wider knowledge of sex will keep the men in their lives at home, in their own beds. But despite watching several of their friends, men and women, perform raunchy acts at his brothel, the ladies insist on participating in the last of Justin’s infamous Sultan’s galas, held in numerous silk tents and outdoor bathing areas on his estate.Justin concedes to Chrissie’s demands only to gain information about his long-lost mother and sisters, but the world-weary viscount falls head over heels in love with his emotionally bruised pupil. He yearns for a wife, children, and an uncomplicated wife, but can he convinced Chrissie to take a chance and marry again? Because Justin never wants to leave her bed.

Book Excerpt:

Justin, Viscount Hawkesbury, stepped closer and in reaction the black-clad lady moved back. As if remembering her reasons for coming, she shook her head and moved that same pace forward. Not as close as before, yet near enough to appear fearless.

He sighed, and rubbed a fist across his aching eyes. “I’m fatigued, out of sorts, and my friends and I have business to conduct. Either join in, or leave.”

He waved towards the door, hoping she’d walk out and leave him in peace, but also hoping, ridiculously, that she’d unveil, undress, and stay. Because something about this particular woman was different. Something about her stirred his first true sexual interest in many months.

He smiled a little. “I’d still like to see a little more of you. I can’t even see the color of your hair.” He pointed towards her groin. “Top or bottom. Here, let me unbutton you,” he said, his fingers set to work on her top button, brushing the soft skin of her nape as he did so.

She flinched and held tight to the gaping neck of her dress with clenched fists.“Please. Listen to me. I’m not seeking employment.”

“Ah, then you’re simply a bitch in heat like all the others. Wanting a lusty tale to recount to your upper-class friends over tea and cake. Perhaps compare notes on Viscount Hawkesbury’s infamous prowess.”

Her quick series of breaths hissed and sizzled like water spitting on hot coals. He heard the girls tut-tutting nearby, but taunting, teasing, and arousing the lioness who’d dared brave his den so late at night had proved too delicious a temptation to resist. Only one more jest at her expense and then he’d summon the butler and a couple of strong footmen, and bid her farewell.

He turned, slowly and deliberately, and spoke to his two friends. “Gentlemen, which of you is capable of keeping your prick upright long enough to provide such a lusty lady with the thrill she so clearly came to my house seeking?”

Justin knew that in their heightened state of inebriation, neither Bart nor Thomas would be capable of servicing any girl tonight. And the Virile Viscount had given up such jaunts. The only business he involved himself in now was the palace and even then he kept a very low profile. By next month, he’d no longer own that either. His pleasuring days were finished. Investing in the rapidly expanding railway tracks and steam engines was far more profitable, and respectable, for a man who hoped to bring his mother and sisters home to live with him.

Thomas, red-faced, lurched to his feet. “I say, Justin, she seems like a lady.”

“Thomas, you should know by now, on the outside they’re all ladies. However, underneath they all seek the same thing.”

The woman flinched. Justin yawned, not bothering to cover his mouth, and then collapsed back into his armchair. Leaning his head back on the headrest, he laughed.

“My love, if you’ve better to show me than them, do as I’ve asked. Undress!”

She muttered something that sounded like, “Rude swine.”

He laughed and indicated the empty space on the chaise longue beside Bart. “If you’re suffering personal timidity, at least take a seat and watch. Give the girls your opinion on what tricks attract gentlemen the fastest. What do you do to entice a man?”

Her hands fisted at her sides but she stood her ground. “I realize you’re amusing yourself at my expense, but I give you fair warning, my lord. If you continue with these childish taunts and force me to leave without letting me speak to you, in private, you’ll regret it later.”
He pointed to the door. “And I’m also issuing a warning. Join in or leave. Perkins will show you out. I’ve run out of patience with the so-called weaker sex and the schemes and lies that women seem to delight in bringing to my door. ”

Bart spat out an uncouth curse while Thomas muttered under his breath, both scolding him for his rudeness. Disgust suddenly flooded Justin’s body and the heart he’d assumed was frozen in his chest clenched, hard. Despite being forced into unseemly money making ventures, the three of them had vowed to remain, at heart at least, gentlemen. They all needed to take their places in society, which was why Justin never usually entertained this sort of female at his house. Too many watching neighbors and too many wagging tongues in this respectable neighborhood.

Had he now passed the point of no return? Had the indecent acts he’d committed, all to either survive or earn his some of the ready, tainted his thinking to this extent? It terrified him that his morals were as lost as those idiots who assumed a title and riches gave a man leeway to be rude, arrogant, and even to inflict pain on those they considered inferior.

He’d picked out this woman and had intended on using her as an example, encouraging her to pass along his message to long line of societal whores who would continue to plague him. He wanted to stand in the street and scream and yell,“The Virile Viscount is finished!”

Behavior such as his here showed the arrogance he’d always deplored. Rude attacks on a woman were despicable, and it was especially ill-bred of him to tease and taunt what he now suspected was a well-bred lady. But he’d underestimated the woman’s pluck, or perhaps her determination to make herself heard.

“Be warned, my lord, I shall return. Tomorrow. Early. Very Early. And if you refuse to speak with me, I’ll haunt your house until you are prepared to listen to me.”

Her ferocious expression made him burst out laughing again. Bart wiggled his eyebrows in a suggestive manner and held out his hand to encourage the woman to take a seat on the thigh of the woman he still held.

“I like her, Justin. Can I have her?”

“Feel free, Bart. If you dare! Though I suspect Thomas is correct. I’ve come to the unwilling, and unfortunate, conclusion that she’s not here to audition for the Harem.”

“Certainly not.” Her tone was icy. “I’m offering you an exchange. Your skill in tutoring my friends in return for information.”

“Regrettably, my services are no longer for hire.”

She inhaled so sharply he swore her ribs vibrated. Then she made her announcement.“If I leave this room, I’ll take with me what may be your last chance to see your mother. Alive, at any rate.”


My first thought after reading this book was “wow!”  I will admit that in the beginning (the first couple of chapters), I was finding it a little slow. However, there was enough intrigue to keep me reading. I am of the “Tom and Jerry” age so the cat and mouse game is entertaining to me. Suzi Love creates the perfect cat and mouse game in this book. You never know who is going to get the upper hand, the Viscount or Lady Wellsby.   

I truly enjoyed a look into the “society” women were forced into; what characteristics were deemed appropriate for a lady. I found this book full of humor, lust, and romance. The characters were lovable and believable. Suzi Love pulled me right into the parlors with the ladies as if I was having tea and listening myself.

The further I got into this book, the more intrigued and excited I became. It is a great story of dedication and of course the sexual scenes are just “wow.”



Rated 4 Stars








Author Bio:

Suzi Love lives in a sunny part of Australia and loves to travel – anywhere and everywhere.

Her romances, ranging from sexy to erotic, are set in Britain, Australia, and the South Pacific, while her historical romances take place during her beloved late Regency to very early Victorian years. Best of all, Suzi loves exploring the many-layered and ever-changing aspects of society from the end of the Regency through to Queen Victoria’s very early reign.

Her titled heroes and heroines may appear to live privileged lives in and around London, but these strong characters challenge traditional manners, morals, and occupations, either through necessity or desire, and expose the seamier sides of tonnish life. Though Suzi’s books often have a grittier side, she tries to make history fun, one year at a time.

Apart from writing and reading, her favorite thing is traveling. She loves to visit historically famous places and speak with fascinating people and uses her research in her vivid and romantic books.

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BLOG TOUR STOP WITH SHAE! GUEST POST AND GIVEAWAY! Fallow Heart by Linda Kage (@TastyBookTours)


Ten years ago, an oil tycoon’s daughter and a farmer’s son shared a moment neither would ever forget. When she left town in disgrace, a piece of her stayed locked deep within his soul. And like the ground he tended, his emotions lay fallow for years. Cooper Gerhardt’s deeply buried feelings for Jo Ellen Rawlings grew more fertile over time, just waiting for the day she would return to release his deepest desires.
When she strolls back into Tommy Creek, Texas for her ten-year class reunion, Cooper shows her farm boy style exactly what she missed by leaving. Starting a short-term affair is simply unavoidable. But when the week is over, can either of them let go of the responsibilities and apprehensions keeping them apart? Or will their fallow hearts learn to flourish together?


Jo Ellen took a deep breath as she entered the tavern, paying careful attention to dropping her keys into her purse and clicking the latch closed.

She hated entering a social establishment alone. She should’ve just told Emma Leigh she’d meet her at their parents’ house where they were staying the entire week.

Thank God she heard her sister’s voice as soon as she tucked her purse under her arm. “Hey, Joey. Over here.”

She didn’t know what she would’ve done, loitering around the bar and looking pathetic all by her lonesome until Emma Leigh had arrived. Relieved she didn’t have to worry about any of that, she smiled and glanced toward the call to find Alexa and Dexter gathered around Branson and her sister. Her step faltered before she regained her momentum, forcing herself to suck it up. If she was going to be stuck as their fifth wheel for the entire week, she might as well get used to it now.

“I’m sorry I’m late. I ran into a traffic jam on the interstate and—”

“You’re not late.” Em checked the Rolex on her wrist. “You’re ten minutes early.”

“I am?” Jo Ellen frowned and consulted her own slim, silver watch. “Then what’re you doing here?”

Her sister really had changed if she actually ran on time these days.
Emma Leigh tossed back her long, dark hair and laughed before explaining, “Oh no. I haven’t changed that much.” She hooked a loving thumb Branson’s way. “Even Mr. Dependable here can’t keep me on time for anything. This one is all Lexi’s fault. She was starving, which forced us to get here early.”

As they glanced in unison at Dexter’s wife, the bartender served her a plate of steaming barbeque. She grinned and waved before she picked up a sauce-dripping rib with her bare fingers and tore into the juicy meat.

Jo Ellen smiled fondly and neared Alexa to set her hand on the baby bump. “How’s my little goddaughter doing in there?” She stroked once before she felt an answering kick. The sign of growing life caught her in the throat, choking her up. So bittersweet, it had her blinking back tears as she dropped her fingers from Lexi’s abdomen.

Nearby, Dexter corrected her, saying, “Godson.”

She brightened. “Oh, you found out the gender?”

“Oops.” Emma Leigh cringed. “Forgot to tell you. They’re having a boy.”

Jo Ellen rolled her eyes. How typical of her sister to forget something so important. Setting her hand on her hip in a scolding manner, she angled a frown at Emma Leigh’s husband. “I thought we discussed this, Branson. You were supposed to work on her communication skills, remember?” She tried to look stern but was sure he could see the teasing glint in her eyes, not to mention the lips she tightened to keep from grinning.

He lifted his hands in surrender. “Hey, she has no problem communicating to me, telling me whenever I mess something up.” Then he grinned, showing how much he didn’t mind such communication.

Jo Ellen laughed, pleased to see her sister so happily married to a man who adored her. This was exactly the life she’d always dreamed of for her twin…and herself.

As the amused sound chimed from her vocal chords, she heard a sharp intake of breath nearby, from the man seated at the bar next to her group. She could make out a vague, blurry image of him from her peripheral vision. By his jeans, boots, and hat, he screamed local, which was exactly why she refused to glance over and focus on his face. From the instant she’d entered Rio’s, she’d been too nervous to look directly at anyone besides the four she’d come to see, too afraid she might recognize someone from years ago.

Cowardly move, sure, but she didn’t care. Her nerves had wadded themselves into a huge, messy ball and she was performing as well as could be expected, faking all her smiles.

But Emma Leigh just had to go and say, “Oh, hey. Look who we ran into as soon as we got here.”

She grabbed Jo Ellen’s arm and revolved her toward the man, practically shoving her into his lap, right between a pair of spread knees. Eyes widening, Jo Ellen gaped at those thick, masculine knees, covered by thin, fraying denim. Her eyes strayed up of their own will, taking in strong, muscled thighs and somehow landing on his crotch, where the fly of his jeans stretched over an impressive bulge nestled under a big shiny brass belt buckle.

She gulped as the man scooted upright, obviously also alarmed by Emma Leigh thrusting her so close.

“Coop’s here,” her sister announced.


As in Cooper Gerhardt?

Cooper Thaddeus Gerhardt?


Jo Ellen’s eyes widened on that denim-clad bulge, her face draining of color. If Travis Untermeyer was the number one person she didn’t want to run into, Cooper Gerhardt was the second. Didn’t even matter that he’d turned into a delicious hunk of heaven, which from what she’d seen so far, it looked as if he had.

She jerked her face up, her lips instantly parting with surprise as she came face to face with the grown-up version of Cooper Gerhardt.

Oh, Lord have mercy.


“How I Got Into Writing”

This journey started twenty-seven years ago when I was in the first grade. At the time, I wanted to milk cows like my mom or be an artist.  Strange options, I know. But that’s me; strange.

 Then it happened. 

Mrs. Coltrane, my first grade teacher, asked us to write a poem. My poem totally sucked eggs sadly. It was about a rainbow and after I listed all the colors in a rainbow, I called it a pretty, pretty rainbow (did you see there, I used TWO pretties. It’s awesomeness astound me too!).

Well, not one to beat down her student’s fragile egos, Mrs. Coltrane actually praised my awful poem in front of the entire class.  And from that day forward, I’ve always wanted to be a writer.

 My love for the “romance genre” came when I was a freshman in high school. I was listening in on my older sisters talking about how much they loved Sandra Brown stories, so…I read one. Then I had to read another. And another, and before I knew it, I was a total romance junkie.

 The short stories I had always written suddenly turned into romance stories and grew longer.

 It was during the summer break before my senior year in high school that I finished writing my first full-length romance novel. I’d been working on it all morning and was printing out the last few pages when my mom came down to my room and started in on me for not cleaning up my space.

 Instead of apologizing, I turned to her and showed her my book. “I just finished it,” I said. After that, she forgot all about my messy room. My wonderful mother praised me for being an artist!

 Since book number one totally reeked, I wrote another one. This one I submitted to Silhouette, and received a long, horrifying rejection letter. I was only eighteen, so it broke my heart. Oh, hell. Rejection letters still do that to me. It would’ve broken my heart if I had gotten it yesterday.

 Anyway, moving along. I didn’t submit another story for another five years. I wrote some, but I had started college (with a creative fiction writing major) and met my soul mate, so I was a little busy and preoccupied in those years.

 The sixth full-length story I finished was a young adult. My family absolutely loved it. So, I submitted it to a couple places. And received one hundred percent rejections back.  

 Three years passed and I completed my twelfth story before I decided to join Romance Writers of America. The closest chapter to me was over two hours away in Kansas City, but I joined anyway. And I have only actually been to a handful of their physical meetings to this day.

 I really started pushing publication after that, submitting story after story, and learning what NOT to do through all my many rejection letters. I joined a critique group and learned about the ebook industry.

 And after being in RWA for a little bit over a year, I finally sold the first Young Adult story I’d written to The Wild Rose Press. It remains to be my biggest seller to this day.

 I fell in love with ebooks after that. I have Kindle and iBooks apps on my iPad, and the only physical books I read now are the ones given to me or that I win in a contest!

 And that is the tale of my writing journey. Regret asking yet?! Oh, well. Thanks so much for stopping by anyway. I honestly believe the only reason I have any book published today is because I never gave up.

 So that’s how I got into writing. I just kept at it because not-writing simply wasn’t an option!

Thank you so much for taking the time to join us, Linda!


This book was amazing! I couldn’t put it down. I thoroughly enjoy books that stir all my emotions.  Linda Kage wrote an emotionally amazing story of love and hope.

Cooper is a “farm boy” who was raised to be a gentleman. In a dog eat dog world, the good guys tend to finish last. With the love of his life within reach, he has to decide whether it is more important to put other’s feelings first or go after what he wants most in the world – Jo Ellen. Cooper and Jo Ellen learn that even in tragedy love can flourish and find a way to help heal the heart and soul.

Kage gives us glimpse into the past of the characters 10 years prior to the current events. This allows us to see how even over time, the heart can be “fallow” like a piece of land, but still flourish and produce a great harvest with time and healing.

This is a must add to all romantic reader’s libraries.


Rated 5 Stars




Linda grew up on a dairy farm in the Midwest as the youngest of eight children. Now she lives in Kansas with her husband, toddler daughter, and their nine cuckoo clocks. She works a day job in the acquisitions department of a university library and feels her life has been blessed with lots of people to learn from and love. Writing’s always been a major part her world, and she’s thrilled to finally share some of her stories with other romance lovers.

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When Renee decides the only way she can save her relationship with a hurtful boyfriend is to become submissive, she enlists the expertise of a dark and brooding master.
However, Renee’s training soon has her falling for master Stefan, and as she becomes immersed in the spellbinding erotic world of domination, Renee realises she’s infatuated with a man who remains mysteriously out of reach; a man who refuses to be loved.
Behind Stefan’s cold, remote facade is a man dealing with his own past and his own pain.


“I am aroused. I’m very aroused.” Renee could feel her face flushing red.
“And does that surprise you? Are you shocked that being stripped to your underwear and then tied with your arms and legs spread in front of me should prove to be such a sensual turn on for you?”
“A little.”
Stefan sighed. “Be honest.”
Renee bit her lip. “I’m not surprised that I am aroused,” she admitted. “Because being restrained like this, and being… vulnerable… like this has been a secret fantasy of mine,” Renee blurted. “What surprises me is that I am more aroused than I have ever been in my life.”
Stefan considered this. “And I still have not touched you Renee. I have not caressed your body, nor have I dragged my hands across your breasts. I haven’t kissed along the inside of your thigh, or pulled your hair back and bitten your neck. I’ve merely left you there… anticipating such things…. wondering… what I might do.”
“I know.”
God! I know!
“And how is this arousal affecting you?”
“What do you mean?” Renee asked softly.
“You know what I mean,” Stefan’s voice grew harder. “Describe how your body feels. Exactly.”


I had the pleasure of requesting questions from my followers on facebook and having Vivien Sparx answer them! 

Did you always want to write in the erotic genre?

No. I initially wrote a fantasy story. But my partner has a lot of experience in BDSM, and when I started to think about it I realized I had a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips. He has become one of the sources for my stories to ensure authenticity.

How do you get in the zone to write your sex scenes?

I wish I could say something intriguing here, but the honest truth is that it’s not any different to writing any other scene. It’s all just hard work!

Has it ever affected your personal life?

Life is getting pretty crazy now. With the ongoing success of the books, I feel a constant need to keep supplying my readers with fresh stories. I am writing almost constantly to keep up with reader demand. That makes life challenging sometimes…!

Where do you get your ideas for your books?

The storylines often come from my partner… and then I add my own ingredients and twists. I have a pretty vivid imagination, and I also have several submissive ladies around the world who I refer to. They have a lot of great, sexy stories to share.

Do you find that the misconception of weak women is found in all levels of erotica/BDSM or just in mainstream fiction?

It is a misconception that I feel runs right across the board or mainstream literature. It is especially true in BDSM stories, but I don’t feel that a woman who enjoys submitting sexually to a man is weak! She can still be a strong independent woman, and enjoy the thrill of surrendering herself…

How do you meet the subs and Doms that you talk to as resources?

My partner is easy to talk to. He is always there. He had several good connections when he was involved in the lifestyle and he has put me in touch with a few of them who have been most helpful. But I also get an amazing amount of fan emails from submissive women from all around the world who offer their encouragement and suggestions.

Your love scenes are scorching.  Are you writing from experience?

No comment!  I am a happy girl.

Where do you picture your next story taking you?

My next story is going back to genuine BDSM. It’s what most of my readers seem to want. I got away from that a little bit with ‘The Falcon Falls’. Well now Vivien Sparx is returning to what she knows best- BDSM, with perhaps the best, sexiest storyline I have yet to develop.

Do you plan on stepping outside of the erotic genre or are you content with the breathtaking stories you create in this field?

I don’t know if my readers would follow me if I stepped too far away from what they expect a Vivien Sparx story to be. But if I ever could write in another genre… it would be horror!

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions from the readers!  Oh, and the handwritten manuscript thing is awesome! 

It helps me feel connected to the story. Re-writes are dreadful(!) but even though the process is a little longer, I some how feel closer to the characters and the action when I write that way.


I was given a copy of the book in return for my honest review.  I was not compensated.  Hery Master’s Kiss was broken into 4 stories and I read them all for this review.

This is probably one of the most believable sets of erotica books I have read.  I mean how many Billionaire Doms and virgin subs can we read about? 

Renee was just like us.  Scared, unsure and desperate to keep the man in her life satisfied.  She was searching for something and found…Stefan.  My toes are curling because this man makes me want to explore the lifestyle. 

Stefan knows that Renee is going to be difficult and he tells her from the beginning that she is training for all the wrong reasons but something convinces him to try it.  He is angry when he realizes that this woman has managed to get under his skin and does his best to get rid of her.

Master Larry is a “friend” of Stefan’s and I use that term loosely.  He is the type of person that feels you owe them and it is easier to go along with it to an extent.  This character is all the dark and twisted that people can sometimes relate to BDSM.  He hurts and brutalizes and his treatment of his sub, Tink, broke my heart.  That girl deserves more than the life she has been forced to live. 

When Larry (sorry, I don’t think he deserves the respect of Master) takes his brutality out on Renee that is when we see the Stefan that we knew he could be. 

I fell in love with this cast of characters.  I have read a lot of erotica from Michelle Hughes and Karl Jones, to E.L James and Sylvia Day.  They are all wonderful writers and I enjoy their work, but Vivien has real characters that reach deep into your soul and pull out the emotions that link you to them.  These are everyday people that you could look at and say that is my neighbor or that is me.  You can bet that this talented lady is on my kindle and will stay there.  Enjoy, Kittens!

Vivien has agreed to participate in a giveaway for the complete ebook set of Her Master’s Kiss!  Click HERE to enter!


Rated 4 Bookworms



This is a short story, erotic romance full of emotions. I experienced anger, sadness, excitement, pride, the “oh hell no,” and sensuality. I love a good book that brings it all out. Her Master’s Kiss is different from any BDSM books I have read. It shows a different position of the Master/Slave relationship that seems more fitting for the name.
Stefan and Renee are intriguing and refreshing. They evolve during this first book in the series. Sparx takes the characters from what at first appears to be the simplicity of each into greater depth. I was completely entranced and felt as if I was learning along with Renee. The ending is a definitely a cliffhanger making her second book a must read as well.

Shae’s Review of Her Master’s Kiss Book 2

Wow oh Wow! It is common that the sequels of movies and books are not as good as the first. Not in this case! Vivien Sparx’s, Her Master’s Kiss 2, is better than the first. The emotional journey she takes you on is phenomenal. I wanted to jump into the pages and help out Stefan.

“Find her mind, grasp her heart and her body and soul will surrender.”  I read this line in the book over and over again. It is so profound.

 Stefan and Renee’s relationship as Master/Slave continues to grow as well as their feelings and commitments to one another. The challenges and trials they face has the ability to bring them closer together or rip them apart. What do you think the Master will do?

Rated 4 Stars