Lucas (Vampires in America) by D.B. Reynolds

All I can say is D.B. Reynolds knows how to write a vampire book. This is the sixth book in the Vampires in America series and I am amazed at how engrossing they are. I have read all of them and they keep getting better and better.

Lord Lucas Donlon is the vampire Lord for the midwest territory. He is not especially thrilled to have to meet with a FBI official and does so just to keep off the grid. He was not expecting the beautiful, tall and elegant Kathryn Hunter to walk in. Kathryn is looking for her missing brother, Daniel, who is a world famous photographer. He has been missing for several weeks and has made no contact with her. He was last seen leaving a blood house in Lucas’s area so she sets up a meeting with him. Sparks fly which sets both of these dominant characters on their toes. Violence and war between two vampire lords rocks the pages of this book, taking us all over the midwest. In between a love develops that puts our characters to the test. The search for her brother leads to a few hidden truths in Kathryn’s world and opens her up to a vulnerability she had never felt before.

I advise everyone who enjoys paranormal romance to take a look at D.B Reynolds Vampires in America series. You will not be disappointed.

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