When the Duke Found Love by Isabella Bradford

When the Duke Found Love (Wylder Sisters, #3)When the Duke Found Love by Isabella Bradford
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received an ARC of this book to review and I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed. The two main characters Lady Diana Wylder and the Duke of Sheffield seem more like immature children then responible adults. Lady Diana has had a few indescretions and is now being told that she has to make a respectable marriage. Her mother produces Lord Crump, who seems to be a stodgy man with rigid discipline and strong morals. Lady Diana is turned off immediately because he is not a handsome man and seems cold. While in the park she meets Sheffield but at the time they do not exchange names. Lady Diana is enthralled by him because of his looks and personality.

Sheffield is told that the King is mad at him for his liasons in Paris with a married woman and he has to marry a respectable woman. He is introduced to Lady Enid and discovers that she is in love with a simple tutor. They concoct the scheme to pretend to be engaged and Lady Enid will elope with her true intended at the end of the season. Lady Diana in a fit of temper accepts Lord Crumps marriage offer without realizing the falseness of Sheffield’s engagement. She ends up playing “chaperone” with Lady Enid and Sheffield, which allows him to get closer to Lady Diana since their trips are excuses so Lady Enid can see her lover.

Sheffield and Lady Diana end up running away and eloping together. I just felt like I was reading about spoiled children the entire book and was left disappointed.

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