New Year’s Kiss (Wolf’s Heritage, Book One) by Tielle St. Clare

Wow. It is the first word that comes to mind after reading this book. Mikhel is a werewolf who has gotten to the point where he has to leave his home. It is not possible to have two Alphas around and things are tense with is father. He doesn’t want to start his own pack so he and his best friend Zach head out to the city. A few years pass and they are running their own businesses and have befriended a young lady named Taylor. When Taylor gets dumped (by text) right before New Years Eve, Mikhel sees the chance to make his move. He is a little surprised that Zach wants to make a move too. They can’t decide which one will take her out on New Years Eve and Mikhel doesn’t want to pull Alpha rank so they both escort her to a party. They take turns spending time with her and she ends up kissing Zach and getting “friendly” with Mikhel. They end up taking her upstairs in the hotel and offering her a choice between them. Smart girl that she is, she chooses both. When a werewolf has unprotected sex with a female, it can cause her to take on traits of the wolf. This allowed Taylor to be able to have sex dozens of times with both men without wearing out. Mikhel’s possessive traits come out in full force and he finds himself wanting to turn Alpha on Zach and dominate both Zach and Taylor. Mikhel ends up leaving to calm himself the next day and heads out to the woods so his were can run free. Zach feels like Mikhel needs to assert his right as Alpha and establish the pack, so he brings Taylor out the house they own near the woods. When Mikhel comes backa and realizes that Zach is pleasuring Taylor, he goes crazy and attacks him. This allows Zach’s werewolf to submit to Mikhel. They end up deciding that the two of them will share Taylor and she is fine with that. A year later, Zach has decided that he wants Mikhel to make love to him and Taylor is onboard with that. Mikhel is thrown for a loop cause he has never thought of having sex with a man before. So, on New Years Eve they decide to see how it goes.

This book is full of descriptive sex scences and has M/M/F situations. Not for the faint of heart!

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