Secrets Exposed by Lisa Renee Jones

I have to admit that I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy this story but I found that I did.  I am not a big fan stories about lawyers and was surprised that this one read as well as it did.  Lindsey Paxton was a lawyer who had left her father’s law firm in New York after a bad case.  She had been defending an accused serial murderer and won the case.  After he was released another girl was found and DNA evidence pointed to her client.  Feeling responsible for the death of the girl, Lindsey left law and moved to Washington to join the FBI.  Her father has been diagnosed with cancer and Lindsey has come back to New York on a temp basis to get the firm back on track.  Mark Reeves is an ex-partner of Lindsey’s father and the one person Lindsey hopes will help.

Mark has no desire to go back to the Paxton law firm.  Edward Paxton was not the same man who had trained him for years and the bad feelings between the two were obvious.  However, after meeting Lindsey in person and not just in pictures, he feels a connection he has never felt before.  He agrees to help the firm for six months as long as she stays as well.  Lindsey is not happy with that since she wants to get of New York and away from a case that is strangely like the case that almost destroyed her to begin with.

Join these two has they unfold the mysteries of love and murder.

Rated 4 stars

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