Dangerous Secrets (Tall, Dark and Deadly #2) by Lisa Renee Jones (@LisaReneeJones)

OMG! I recently read Ms. Jones’ Secrets Exposed book which was a prelude to these books so when I realized they were sexy, hot stories that involved brothers, I went searching through Amazon. Turns out I had already downloaded several of her books so I got to reading!

Julie Harrison is a divorce attorney for the rich and selfish and is currently working on a case for a New York judge. Julie is very good at keeping men at bay, especially after she has seen the devestation left behind in relationships. Only one man has ever come close to bring Julie to her knees and that was Luke Walker.

Luke is a former Navy SEAL, who runs a security firm with his brothers. Walker Security is one of the best in the business. Julie and Luke had spent a month as lovers a few years prior until Luke had to go back to war and neither one of them had the courage to make a commitment. Since then they have been trying to avoid any entanglements with each other. Easier said then done. Royce, Luke’s brother, is marrying Julie’s best friend, Lauren. That makes Julie and Luke, the best man and maid of honor, which puts them together quite a bit.

When Julie gets tangled up in her client’s shady dealings, she automatically turns to Luke for help. Delving into the world of drugs, cartels, and art these two take on a world of bad guys in order to save kids from tainted drugs.

Can Luke convince Julie to take a chance on their relationship or is he destined to remain a friend with benefits? This is an sexy story that draws you in and reminds you that sometimes you have to take a chance even when you are scared.

Rated 5 stars

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