The Rock Star’s Daughter (The Treadwill Academy Novels) by Caitlyn Duffy

This is a YA story that I really enjoyed.

Taylor Beauforte is your typical 15 year old for the most part. The difference is she attends a boarding school in Massachusettes paid for by her rock star dad, who she never sees. Growing up in California is never easy but having a party girl for a mom and a rarely seen dad, makes it a necessary to grow up fast. Taylor is your typical bookworm, who justs wants a normal family. With her mom, Dawn’s constant drinking and partying it seems like a fairytale she will never see. When her mom dies at a party, Taylor is confronted with her father’s new family and lifestyle before she knows what hit her. Forced to join them on her father’s tour, she searches for a way to fit in and make a place of her own. Finding a kindred spirit in Jake, the son of one of the groupies, Taylor begins to find her place and fall in love.

I really did enjoy this book. It touched on a few topics that I feel need to be touched on with young readers. This book talked about grief and how the loss of a parent can affect you. It also reflects on how hard it is to develop a relationship with someone that you may be related to but no absolutely nothing about.

Rated 4 stars

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