Sins of the Father (Book #2 in the Skye Morrison Vampire Series) by J.L. McCoy (@AuthorJLMcCoy)

Excerpt from Amazon:

After a shocking admission by Archer Rhys, Skye Morrison and the rest of The Mausoleum’s vampire crew have to deal with the aftermath of Houston business owner and fellow vampire Greyson Mead’s murder. A gruesome discovery in Skye’s driveway forces her out of her house and temporarily into Archer’s lakeside mansion with her co-workers Trey, Hunter, Quinn, Seamus, Lochlan, Jameson, and of course the ever jealous Aoife. Skye must now live under the same roof with the two men she wants most and things are bound to get complicated. With a psychotic murderer on the loose hell bent on killing vampires and the appointed army of The Faithful having no luck in finding them, will Skye’s new boss and co-workers live to see next week? Will Skye make it out of Archer’s mansion alive?

What do you do when you are faced with having to move in with two of the hottest guys on the planet?  I have to admit that I am jealous of Skye for all these hot guys!  I love that they put her into a training program and are going out of their way to make sure she is protected. 

When they found the surprises (trying not to spoil it!) in the driveway, I was ready to pack up and run for the hills!  Great continuing story in this series and I am dying for more!

I purchased this book for my own enjoyment.

Rated 3 Bookworms



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