BLOG TOUR Guest Post Featuring Lisa Renee Jones! (@LisaReneeJones)


Oh, kittens, I can’t even begin to describe how excited I was to be asked to have Lisa Renee Jones do a guest blog!   Talk about a fangirl moment! 

Lisa Renee Jones:  Thanks for having me today to talk about THE INSIDE OUT TRILOGY
Inspired by a journal my fiancee found when buying and selling storage units (yes like the show but before the show) I call this series my SHADES OF GREY meets BASIC INSTINCT. Why Shades of Grey? The dark, damaged characters and passion. Why Basic Instinct? Because the main character Sara finds an erotic journal and begins to read. Sara becomes as obsessed with the writer of the journal as the writer is with the two men in the journal, and they with her. She seeks out the woman to be sure she is safe and becomes absorbed in her life, where she meets two powerful men — one of which draws her into an intensely passionate affair.
Now I’m excited to get to release Rebecca’s Journals that were lost and never found. These tell her story and her erotic journey and they are packed with clues to what happens in BEING ME. They are perfect to read between IF I WERE YOU and BEING ME but they can be read alone as well.

Here’s a little about IF I WERE YOU and a excerpt:
Click here to read Ch. 1
Book 1: If I Were You

Book 2: Being Me

Book 3: Revealing Us
He is rich and famous, and dark in ways I shouldn’t find intriguing, but I do. I so do. I don’t understand why his dark side appeals to me, but the attraction between us is rich with velvety promises of satisfaction. Chris is dark, and so are his desires, but I cannot turn away. He is damaged beneath his confident good looks and need for control, and in some way, I feel he needs me. I need him.
A short excerpt from IF I WERE YOU:
His fingers knot in my hair and I gasp at the unexpected bite of his grip, holding me steady. “Is that all you got?” I demand, shocked at how much I want more. How much I want whatever is beneath his surface.
I’m not scared. I’m aroused. I’m ready.
His eyes probe mine, his expression hard, intense. “I thought you were a good little school teacher.”
“You’re corrupting me,” I declare, “and I seem to like it.” I barely issue the challenge before he’s pulling my mouth to his, and he is kissing me with unrestrained, burning passion. I taste the part of him I want to know, the part he’s afraid of, and I burn to know more. Maybe he’s right. Maybe I am playing with fire, but I cannot stop myself. Beyond reason, I will push him until he reveals everything.

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Thank you Lisa for joining us on Romancebookworm’s Reviews!

Ready for some more great stuff?  Lisa is doing a wonderful giveaway! Click HERE to go to rafflecopter for your chance to win!!  GOOD LUCK!

6 thoughts on “BLOG TOUR Guest Post Featuring Lisa Renee Jones! (@LisaReneeJones)

  1. Hi Lisa, Brandy's lucky to have you guest blogging. Sorry I'm late, Brandy, long day with little chance to get to the Internet. Lisa, you know I'm a big fan and I'm sooooo looking forward to BEING ME! This series rocks, my dears – a must read if you love an exciting romance series. xoxo


  2. I love doing sneaky reading as if opening diaries not meant for anyone but the writer. Your trilogy is hot stuff. I can't wait to get my hands on the stories and see what mischief you've crafted.


  3. if you have not read IF I WERE YOU, I recommend you do, then read the journals. Who wouldn't love to get to peek in another persons diary.—Rae


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