The Original Sin (Book #3 in the Skye Morrison Vampire Series) by J.L. McCoy (@AuthorJLMcCoy)

Excerpt from Amazon:

Skye Morrison’s life lately has been anything but ordinary. Attempting to pull together the pieces of her life that have been ripped to shreds after being kidnapped and tortured by Amun- who happens to be the father of all vampires-her dreams are haunted by memories of those recent fateful and horrific events. Skye struggles with her split feelings and the raw sexual tension with her lover, Jameson Doyle and boss Archer Rhys-the continuous object of her sexual fantasies. Residing at Archer’s lakeside mansion with the rest of the vampire clan, Skye attempts to maintain a normal routine. With the vampire army, The Faithful, attempting unsuccessfully to capture Amun, her nightmares take her down a twisted spiral of entrapment and terror, taking its toll on her daily life. Haunted and hunted by the psychotic and mind-twisting Amun, Skye goes through dark and violent changes, revealing a side of herself she didn’t know existed and ultimately leading to a shocking conclusion.

This is the third book in the series and Skye is having issues trying to figure out which hottie she wants in her life.  Since the kidnapping, she has been struggling to regain her normal pattern of life.  However, once you step into the realm of the supernatural, normal takes on a whole new meaning.  Her life as she knows it will never be the same. 

I purchased this book because I had to see where the story was leading me and I have to say that this author is just cruel.  LOL!  I love where it is heading and can’t wait till the next one comes out!

Rated 3 Bookworms


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