A Secret Rage by Charlaine Harris (@charlaineharris)

To all my wonderful followers, I would like to introduce you to a friend and guest Reviewer, Dusti Connelley. I am hoping to have her back on here to review books periodically so let’s show her some love!

Nickie Callahan is a successful model in New York City…..until her agent tells her that she, at 27, is getting too old, and to find another career. Nickie has always wanted to be a writer….. What’s a girl to do? Move in with her best friend, Mimi, from boarding school and go back to college, of coarse! Moving from New York City to a small college town in Tennessee seems like a safe thing to do, but Nickie moves around the same time that a string of brutal rapes begins in the town of Knolls.

As Nickie becomes involved in classes and a romance, she also becomes involved in the case. It also becomes clear that the monster in Knolls is someone that Nickie knows, and that none of the women are safe.

I really enjoyed this book, even if I expected vampires or werewolves to jump out at any minute – this is Charlaine Harris after all. I like my crime novels with a bit of romance, and this fit the bill perfectly. The characters are well thought out and the romance and mystery grow at a realistic pace. I didn’t figure out who-done-it, but it was a well laid out mystery.

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