The Courtship Dance by Candace Camp


Lady Francesca Haughston had given up on romance for herself, finding passion instead in making desirable matches for others. So it seemed only fair, when she learned she had been deceived into breaking her own long-ago engagement to Sinclair, Duke of Rochford, that she now help him find the perfect wife.

Of course, Francesca was certain any spark of passion between them had long since died—her own treatment of him had seen to that. The way Sinclair gazed at her or swept her suddenly into his arms…well, that was merely practice for when a younger, more suitable woman caught his eye. But soon Francesca found his lessons in love scandalously irresistible—and a temptation that could endanger them both.


Have you ever been young and listened to the wrong person and regretted the decisions you made based on that information?  That is what happens to Lady Francesca Haughston.  Lady Francesca made the choice to break off her secret engagement to Sinclair, Duke of Rochford, without listening to his explanation.  She immediately jumps into a bad marriage.  Fast forward 15 years, Lady Francesca is now a widow, living hand to mouth and hiding it from all of society.  To help supplement her income she has taken to helping polish young girls and assist them in making good society matches.  Feeling melancholy she decides to help her old friend, Sinclair, find a wife.  How will the Duke handle this?  Will our matchmaking lady find she had taken on more than she bargained for?  Find out how their story goes!  Thanks Ms. Camp for another addition to this wonderful series!

Rated 3 Bookworms


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