BlurbNo nonsense Kate Mercer never thought she’d become a kept woman, but when she wants out of the arrangement with Carrington Grant, a powerful man, she finds herself and her unborn child in deadly danger. So Kate flees into arms of Lamar, her ex-lover and an ex NFL linebacker with his own secrets and misgivings. Will Kate lose her life because of her choice?

Review1I was contacted by the author and asked if I would review this novella.  I purchased the book on Amazon in order to read it.  This was an interesting concept.  I have read a few books about kept women and I liked the idea the author has for this series.  There were a few points in the story that I stumbled on involving Kate’s relationship with Lamar.  The suspense aspect was a great idea.  I didn’t see the end coming the way it did and I think the author put a nice spin on things.  I would like to see how she develops the series in the future.


What does it mean to be kept? When a woman becomes a long term sex partner to a man to whom she is not married, she is kept if he provides for her. Usually he is married to another woman.

If you could pick any actor to be your sugar daddy, who would it be? There are two actors I’d pick. Denzel Washington is one, and the young Sean Connery (When he was James Bond) is another.

Why did you pick that actor? Denzel is sexy in an understated way, and Sean Connery radiates a power and sexiness unmatched by another.

What made you choose this theme? I wanted to try my hand at romance writing, and since I know two people who’ve been kept by a man, I decided to write about it. I included the suspense part to portend the potential dark side of being kept.

Have you ever been kept? I’d never tell if I was.

Was it difficult to write the sex scenes? Very, and I’m still not certain I’ve written them with the taste they deserve.

Tell us about the character, Kate Mercer. She’s a vulnerable woman who got caught up with her sugar daddy, Carrington Grant who is totally controlling. So she decides to take her life back, and along the way she reconnects with her ex-lover, Lamar Burton. It’s then that she realizes she’d made a mistake and should be with Lamar, but she’s being stalked and has to fight for her life.

Is this novella a series? Yes, it will be, but with different characters populating each novella.

When will you release the next novella in the series? February 1, 2014. Just in time for Valentine’s Day

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