Divine Atrophy by Fox Chapman


In the quiet town of Barra, Scotland, darkness is falling…

To Reverend Alan Wallace, the tiny town is his haven and its people his flock. When an ancient artifact is unearthed within the catacombs of his church, he seizes the opportunity for greatness and to cleanse his Barra of sinners and nonbelievers, but as with most good intentions, a darker purpose lies beneath the surface just waiting to arise…

In the town of Barra, Scotland, lies the key to mankind’s destruction in the guise of salvation…
And with the beginning of the end nearing, six strangers find themselves brought together by an ancient horror and a need for survival. Drawn to Barra for their own reasons, they will need to rely on one another if they are ever going to get out of this hell alive…

Because in the town of Barra, the fallen shall rise…everything else will fall…



Grotesque, terrifying, and simply too good to put down!
Cleverly written, the story unfolds one point of view at the time. With each chapter, my anxiety level escalated and I couldn’t seem to read it fast enough. Just when I became sure that I had perceptively figured everything out, the story took another turn. The characters are placed strategically, sometimes with heartbreaking consequences, and every jolting experience had me chasing shadows. While the ending leaves an opening for the next installment, this segment wraps up rather nicely!
I’d like to add one small note:
I abhor, and I mean hate, young children involved in horror novels or movies. I have literally walked out of movies or stopped reading books from certain authors, due to this hang up of mine. The brilliance of Fox Chapman is that he made his monsters, MONSTERS. There was no hang up to have here. His evil creations were gory, scary, and something I wanted dead, FOREVER.

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